Road Work Ahead

Detour Notification:
Please be advised that the southbound on-ramp to SR 99 from Pelandale Avenue is closed.  The temporary southbound on-ramp to SR 99 is located at the south end of Salida Blvd.  The railroad crossing from Dakota Avenue (for both northbound and southbound vehicles on Dakota Avenue) to northbound Salida Blvd. is closed while the temporary southbound on-ramp is in operation.  The portion of Salida Blvd. from the Super 8 Motel south is now a one way street in the southbound direction.  Please use Kiernan Avenue or Standiford Avenue interchange to access State Route 99.

Traffic Advisory September 22 - 26:
The new northbound on-ramp to State Route 99 is now open.  The on-ramp access is off of Sisk Road at Greenleaf Court.  Please be advised the Sisk Road/Northbound on-ramp/Greenleaf Court intersection is now an all way stop controlled intersection.  In addition, the Pelandale Avenue/Sisk Road intersection has been revised to provide two left-turn lanes from both northbound and southbound Sisk Road onto Pelandale Avenue.

Please note that from September 22nd to September 26th, Sisk Road Southbound will experience lane traffic control  due to the installation of a sanitary sewer force main. 

On August 19th the intersection at Pelandale Avenue and Sisk Road was reconfigured.  The new configuration now provides for two through lanes in both directions on both Pelandale Avenue and Sisk Road through the intersection; two left turn lanes from westbound Pelandale to southbound Sisk; a left turn lane from eastbound Pelandale to northbound Sisk; a right turn lane from eastbound Pelandale to southbound Sisk; and left turn lanes for southbound Sisk to eastbound Pelandale and northbound Sisk to westbound Pelandale.  This configuration will help move traffic through the Pelandale/Sisk intersection more efficiently and also help traffic flow across the Pelandale bridge.  This configuration should remain in place until Spring of 2015.

Construction Advisory:
Please be advised that the Contractor will be continuing to drive piles for the new bridge.  This construction activity will likely produce noise and ground vibration.


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Project Overview

The State Route 99 / Pelandale Avenue Interchange reconstruction project includes reconstruction of the Pelandale Avenue overcrossing, the SR-99 on and off ramps in new alignments, and construction of a southbound auxiliary lane.  The project is critical to increase safety, relieve congestion, and enhance traffic operations within the Interchange and along the adjacent streets.  The project will regionally benefit the operational capacity of SR-99 and the surrounding road network.

As Modesto’s northern gateway, the Pelandale Avenue Interchange has substantial local, regional, and interregional benefits beyond traffic relief.  The Project’s enhanced landscaping and structure aesthetics will increase the visibility and draw to the City’s major shopping centers and industrial parks, thus promoting existing and planned future economic development.  The Pelandale Avenue interchange also provides direct access to a Kaiser Permanente Hospital. Improving the traffic operations will allow emergency responders including highway patrol, police, fire, and ambulance, to react and serve more efficiently.

The largest transportation project in Modesto history, the Pelandale Avenue Interchange project will provide regional benefits by providing much needed relief to SR-99 and creating a gateway entrance into the City of Modesto.

The project will:

  • Improve safety and traffic mobility to address the current and future travel demands on SR-99 and adjacent roads.
  • Improve interregional freight traffic flow and reduce congestion related economic losses that can occur when transporting goods.
  • Provide a transportation facility consistent with local, regional, and statewide plans, and with local and State Standards.
  • Improve regional connections between residential areas, employment centers, and major commercial centers.
  • Create a gateway entrance into the City for travelers along SR-99.

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