The SR 99 / Pelandale Avenue Reconstruction Project is reconstructing the Pelandale Avenue overcrossing and realigning SR-99 on and off ramps.  This project is critical to increase safety and relieve congestion.  Click here to learn more about the project.

Current Construction Activities
Traffic Closures for the Week of May 2 – 6:
  • Full closure of Southbound SR 99 Off-Ramp for approximately three weeks (see below)
  • Reduced lanes on Southbound SR99 5/4 8:00pm – 5/5 6:00am
  • Reduced lanes on Northbound SR99 5/5 8:00pm – 5/6 5:00am

Nearby Traffic Closures for the Kiernan Construction Project on 5/5-5/6 or 5/6-5/7 8:00pm – 5:00am:

  • Reduced lanes on Northbound SR99
  • Full closure of the Northbound Kiernan Off Ramp
  • Full closure of the Northbound Pelandale On Ramp
  • Work will only occur on one night, either Thursday or Friday.  Exact date of when work will occur is still yet unknown. 
Off-Ramp Closure for Southbound SR 99 at Pelandale Avenue: April 26 – May 18
The Off-Ramp for Southbound SR 99 at Pelandale Avenue will be closed for approximately 3 weeks starting April 26th.  This closure is required as part of construction for the new southbound off-ramp.  Once completed, motorists will have complete access to the Pelandale Avenue overcrossing bridge and Salida Boulevard in both northbound and southbound directions.  Motorists should utilize the advanced warning and detour signage to find alternate paths of travel to their destination.
Pelandale Detour Map Stage 4 SB Updated April 18

The Salida Boulevard/Dakota Avenue/Murphy Road Railroad Crossing is now fully closed (both directions of travel). The closure will remain in effect until approximately Summer of 2016.  When the new permanent southbound on-ramp is constructed, the temporary southbound on-ramp will be removed and the railroad crossing and Salida Boulevard will be reopened.

State Route 99 Southbound On-Ramp Detour Notification:  Please be advised that the temporary southbound on-ramp to SR 99 is in operation and is located at the south end of Salida Boulevard. The portion of Salida Boulevard from the Super 8 Motel south is now a one way street in the southbound direction. Please use Kiernan Avenue or Standiford Avenue interchange to access State Route 99.

State Route 99 Southbound Off-Ramp Detour Modification: Please be advised that the temporary State Route 99 Southbound Off-ramp now intersects with Salida Boulevard. Motorist wanting to travel eastbound across the new Pelandale Avenue bridge structure or further south along Salida Boulevard are to turn left onto Salida Boulevard.

Traffic Advisory:  The new northbound on-ramp to State Route 99 is open.
The on-ramp to access is off Sisk Road at Greenleaf Court. Please be advised the Sisk Road/Northbound on-ramp/Greenleaf Court intersection is an all way stop, controlled intersection. Motorists to be aware of the traffic controls and changes that that are in place at the Pelandale Avenue/Sisk Road intersection for the next several months:

  • Eastbound Pelandale Avenue at Sisk Road has number two through lane and right turn lane closed. Traffic must utilize one through/left-turn lane with one through/right-turn lane.
  • Westbound Pelandale Avenue at Sisk Road has one left turn lane, two through lanes and one right turn lane.
  • Northbound Sisk Road has one left turn lane, one through lane and one through/right-turn lane open for traffic.
  • Southbound Sisk Road has one left turn lane, one through/right-turn lane open for traffic.

Motorists can expect to experience lengthy delays and are encouraged to utilize alternate routes when possible.