The SR 99 / Pelandale Avenue Reconstruction Project is reconstructing the Pelandale Avenue overcrossing and realigning SR-99 on and off ramps.  This project is critical to increase safety and relieve congestion.  Click here to learn more about the project.
Current Construction Activities

The Salida Boulevard/Dakota Avenue/Murphy Road Railroad Crossing
Remains closed (both directions of travel). The closure will remain in effect until approximately Summer of 2016.  When the new permanent southbound off-ramp at Salida Blvd. is constructed, the temporary southbound on-ramp will be removed and the Crossing will be reopened.

SR 99 Southbound On-Ramp:  Please be advised that the temporary southbound on-ramp to SR 99 remains in effect for motorists utilizing Salida Blvd.  Motorists traveling west on Pelandale Avenue are to use the new SR 99 on-ramp via Pelandale Bridge.

SR 99 Southbound Off-Ramp: Please be advised that the new SR 99 southbound off-ramp to Pelandale is now open and provides temporary access to Salida Blvd. Temporary access to remain in effect until permanent access to Salida Blvd. is completed.

 SR 99 Northbound On/Off-Ramps: The new SR 99 northbound on and off-ramps are now open which intersect with Sisk Road.

Traffic Advisory:

The southern Greenleaf Court/Sisk Road intersection is temporarily closed.  Motorists to utilize northern Greenleaf Court/Sisk Road intersection.

Motorists to be aware of the traffic controls and changes that are in effect at the Pelandale Avenue/Sisk Road intersection for the next few months:

  • Eastbound Pelandale Avenue at Sisk Road has on through/right turn lane, one through lane, and one left turn lane open for traffic.
  • Westbound Pelandale Avenue at Sisk Road has one left turn lane, two through lanes and one right turn lane open for traffic.
  • Northbound Sisk Road has one left turn lane, one through lane and one through/right-turn lane open for traffic.
  • Southbound Sisk Road has two left turn lanes, two through lanes, and one right-turn lane open for traffic.